What is Digital Warranty?

Traditional warranty services include Call-out charges, Repair, Replacement and Labour charges all add up to make the process particularly expensive and stressful. Not to mention the loss due to delay in availing replacement of parts. Further to avail warranty services end users need to physically carry warranty cards. This is not possible for all products at all times. This process may lead to non availability of warranty in emergencies.

With this in mind, Sundaram Technologies has introduced Digital warranty services, wherein end users can digitally carry all details relevant to claiming warranty for a particular product. This is of immense benefit for end customers. They no longer need to carry warranty cards of all products under warranty. They can just send the digital warranty to the company.

Our warranty services eliminates need for carrying physical warranty cards, The warranty can be claimed from any where in India. End users will get instant responses with verifying warranty claims, alternate dealer locations where parts / products can be replaced. Balance warranty periods of new parts.

For the companies, our services eliminate the need and expenses related to paper work, claims process, maintaining warranty schedules, report generation among many others.

Digital Warranty:

Warranty unique codes are directly etched on the part or are encoded in 2D data matrix. At time of warranty claim, the customer can send SMS of the unique numbers and claims once validated are awarded.

Benefits :

- SMS based registration and authentication

- One time registration at time of purchase of product

- Instant SMS warranty claim any where in India

- No need of carrying warranty cards of all parts

- Multi Language SMS capability

- Can be customized as per requirement