Today, competitiveness in the Food & Beverage industry is defined by the degree of automation. Because of that, the interests of many OEMs go far beyond mere processes. They’re looking for an integrated digital solution that will push the whole company forward.

Something more than first-class, reproducible quality is needed to achieve sustainable success in the food and beverage industry. Being able to respond quickly to seasonal fluctuations and a rapid turnover of merchandise are equally important – yet no easy task when faced with an ever-increasing variety of products and packaging, rising energy and raw material costs and increasingly stricter specifications and regulations.

The beverage industry refers to the industry that produces drinks, in particular ready to drink beverages. Beverage production can vary greatly depending on the beverage being made. Bottling facilities differ in the types of bottling lines they operate and the types of products they can run. Other bits of required information include the knowledge of if said beverage is canned or bottled, hot-fill or cold-fill, and natural or conventional. Innovations in the beverage industry, include beverage plants, beverage processing, and beverage packing.


We provide latest solution to Food and Beverage manufacturers for Inspection of barcode as well as packing inspection, to ensure end user satisfaction. As your partner, we will help you optimize your entire value chain through integration.

For Food and Beverage manufacturers our system can prove to be great assets in saving time, labor, and hence cost to keep themselves ahead in the competition.

- Warehouse management & automation

- Vision Inspection

- DQ/IQ/OQ/PQ & SOPs documentation

- Work-In-Process Solution

- FG Stores Automation

- Raw Material to Finished Goods Automation

- Weighing Scale Automation

- FIFO- First In First Out

- Enterprise Wireless LAN Solution

- Quality Inspection