What is Loyalty Management System?

“Aligning all marketing, promotional and distribution channels to consistently deliver on the brand’s promise to its repeat customers”.

In technical Terms:

Loyalty is "the willingness of someone - a customer, an employee, a friend - to make an investment or personal sacrifice in order to strengthen a relationship" .

Loyalty management encompasses "structured and effective actions to manage, select, relate and control customers' buying behavior" .

Loyalty Management How it works?

- The loyalty system varies from segment to segment

- Clients / end users get registered online

- The clients can claim loyalty benefits via SMS

- Loyalty confirmation, credit points are awarded online and status is updated to client via SMS

- Loyalty redemption can also be done via SMS

- Tracking of points, redemption offers etc done by our online system.

Need – Loyalty Management

- Instant Loyalty and Genuinity SMS verification

- Multi-Language verification

- Online Points allocation & management

- Online loyalty points redeeming feature

- Multiple unique codes per SMS

- Online Dashboard for reporting and customization

- Customizable as per existing company scheme

- Online based end-user registration