Secure Code Transfer Technology [SCT]

Business Challenge

The information your interpreters need to decide where to drill next exists somewhere in your organization, but where and in what format? When interpreters are done analyzing the information in their applications, where will they store the results?

Throughout the information management lifecycle interpretation workflows make it necessary to move data from one database to another. During an active project period, this may involve moving data between multiple project databases; while at the completion phase, this may involve the movement of data into a corporate repository. Regardless of phase, the data stores which provide this data are likely not to be homogenous, that is they may be Secure Code Information, third party, or proprietary databases.

So how can the data manager ensure that the data of interest is extracted, transformed, and moved correctly, securely and quickly throughout the cycle?

Secure Code(Information) Transfer Solution

Secure Code Transfer™ (SCT) Technology is a set of methods which enables these data movement operations to be configured and executed. It effectively and securely transports data records (Codes) from a data source to a data target, thereby allowing data managers or administrators to deliver information where and when it is needed. SCT’s generic data conversion methods can connect and transfer any data store published to Secure Data Hub in infrastructure. These methods are encrypting the information and therefore have the flexibility to transfer data to any data model from any source – Secure Code Information, third party or proprietary.

This solution enables a high degree security, data model independence through XML (and emerging standards for migration) as well as complete control of data transformation, thereby preserving data precision.