Social Mission

Sundaram Technologies wants to benefit debt burden farmers, poor people who could not afford medicines and students who cannot afford education with its CSR activities. Sundaram Technologies has allocated a budget of 20% of its profit for CSR activities.In past one year Sundaram CSR team has went to remotes villages in Maharashtra and Gujarat and conducted medical camps and distributed free medicines for people who are below the poverty line.

In such villages Sundaram technologies also went to government schools and taught the students with computers basic and installed computers at school and provided education materials for students.

Sundaram also works on a concept where farmers would be educated about new production techniques and rates for their products thus resulting making farmers self sufficient. Sundaram technologies wants to go on all across India remotes villages.

Sundaram Technologies also founded a financial organizations at Dhoraji, Gujarat. These model works likes that these organizations provide micro finance to farmers and small entrepreneur, who could not get finance from any financial institutions.

The interest collected from these companies is been used to finance more farmers and small entrepreneur thus making this concept a self sufficient financial organizations. Slowly Sundaram Technologies wants to implement these concepts in Vidharbha, Maharashtra where farmers suicide are high. We want a smile on face of people through our CSR activities.