Anti Counterfeiting

The measure to prevent imitation and reproduction without permission of ownership holder for the purpose of cheating.In Simple terms anti-counterfeiting means to identify products are fakes or Genuine

Anti-counterfeiting Solutions

Sundaram is a leader in identification solutions, with nearly 7 years of experience identifying and protecting products around the world. We offer innovative, custom-designed brand authentication products and anti-counterfeiting services that can protect your brand against fraud, diversion and tampering.

With the aim to combat counterfeiting Sundaram Technology has developed its Anti-Counterfeiting solution MakeSure. At Sundaram Technologies, we have done extensive research on current issues of counterfeiting since 2007 in different industries.

We have developed an efficient solution that allows any consumer to authenticate the product with simple unique code using any easily available communication device and ability. This is a low cost solution for manufacturers too.

MakeSure Authentication

- Online product validation & authentication technology

- Used throughout the supply chain

- Remote authentication capability

- Instant alerts and customized reports to clients

Our solutions help clients
Develop relationships with customers

- We provide full system for verification service including unique codes, printing software, gateway for verification and technical support.

- Verification through SMS, Internet, on call, E-mail, electronic reading device etc.

- Pre-printed labels are also available as per requirement.

- Customization of features available on demand.

Verification Service

- We provide full system for verification service including unique codes, printing software, gateway for verification and technical support.

- Verification through SMS, Internet, on call, E-mail, electronic reading device etc.

- Pre-printed labels are also available as per requirement.

- Customization of features available on demand.

Research Data

- We provide customized solutions as per manufacturer demand.

- The solutions include features like product entry point in market, actual buyers, expiry stock's trends, actual rates consumer pay, consumer suggestions, verification status state wise, Market and sales trends analysis. [based on time, brand, location]

- Our software team develops customized solution on demand. For each product different solution is available.

- Real time geographical analysis.

Easy to Deploy

- This system is easy to deploy at manufacturing end with existing infrastructure. Our technical team visits

- the premises while deployment and provides necessary training also. Our system is flexible and can work

- with online and off line computer. It is most cost effective solution with high security and other features.

- This system doesn’t need any infrastructure setup / special readers for tracking and verification.

- Customised solutions available for domestic / export markets.

Unique Authentication of products can happen through


1.Sms Verification

A simple and low-cost solution to drug verification problems for patients, SMS text verification empowers consumers to protect themselves from counterfeit drugs by sending a numeric code from their drug packaging from their phone for free verification.

Features :

- Instant POP authentication facility for end-users

- Ideal for high value, high volume OTC and bulk medicines

- Customized message and online control panel features

- Instant report generation and alerts capability

- Verification modes


- Online / internet

- Call center


It stops counterfeiting and can help increase awareness, accurate up-to-date information, training & build relationship with the loyal consumers

How it works?

Take Demo.

To verify SMS 00010702r to 09004030040

A Unique random generated Identification Code is assigned to each retail unit at manufacturing level.

The customer reads a code and sends an SMS to the gateway at regular SMS cost i.e. 1-3 paise.

If the retail unit is genuine the customer will receive a “Genuine” message via SMS with other information like “Batch Number”, “Mfg. Date”, “Price” etc.


Customer will receive voice call on the same mobile / landline no. with automated system generated voice verification. [works in rural area]

SMS 0 900 40 300 40 
Call 022 42 66 11 21 
E-mail [single code per line]     
2.QR Verification :

The solution involves a simple QR based identification that help the customer to scan and identify the genuineness of the product by using smartphone.

OEMs can print Unique QR codes for their product and packages.This QR code will contain a digital information about the specific product like product name,model number,factory of manufacture,date of manufacture,batch no ,Exp date an so on.

The label would be displayed on the outer package of the SKU so that it is easily accessible for scan by a customer.

QR Code How it works?
3. Cloud Base Software Authentication:

Cloud-based is a term that refers to applications, services or resources made available to users on demand via the Internet from a cloud computing provider's servers.

1.A cloud-based anti-counterfeit service that instantly verifies product authenticity.

2.Make Sure Authentication service is a secure and scalable way to crack down on counterfeit products such as medications, cosmetics, auto parts, toys, electronic components, and tickets to popular musical, sporting, or entertainment events.

3.Cloud-based brand protection platforms and supply chain security software can provide a much deeper level of insight into the path materials and products take though the supply chain and any actions that don’t fit with approved supply chain processes. In fact, cloud-based serialization platforms are emerging as the best way for brand owners to increase visibility across the entire life-cycle from suppliers, manufacturing and distribution to the end-user to maintain a high level of safety and security.

For example

Industry :

Printer and imaging supplies

Approach :

Use a cloud solution to generate security labels for tracking and verifying genuine HP printer ink cartridges; enable consumers to easily verify a cartridge’s authenticity with their mobile phone prior to purchase

IT matters

• Enables fast global deployments without requiring local data center build outs

• Flexible and scalable infrastructure handles hundreds of millions of cartridges and security labels

• Ensures integrity of security labels with encryption technique that counterfeiters can’t copy or predict

Business matters

• Provides brand and anti-counterfeit managers intelligence on global counterfeit activity through real-time analytics

• Protects HP’s brand and strengthens consumer loyalty

• Improves HP’s revenue by increasing sales of genuine products

• Enables HP to cross-promote related products at time of product verification

Sever software based Authentication :

An authentication server provides a network service that applications use to authenticate the credentials, usually account names and passwords, of their users. When a client submits a valid set of credentials, it receives a cryptographic ticket that it can subsequently use to access various services.

Authentication is used as the basis for authorization, which is the determination whether a privilege may be granted to a particular user or process, privacy, which keeps information from becoming known to non-participants, and non-repudiation, which is the inability to deny having done something that was authorized to be done based on the authentication.

Major authentication algorithms include passwords, Kerberos, and public key encryption.