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Auto Part Inspection

It is a process where cameras works continuously to locate a part on a online line. Once it is given a part to locate.

1. It is a where the cameras work at high speed to inspect parts and objects.

2. It can inspect, locate, sort and verify parts at high speed and high resolution.

3. Parts can be located and assembled with camera guidance and robotic arm.

4. It is possible to pick and place objects with robotic guidance.

5. It is used to measure and inspect if parts.

6. Inspects if any changes in product quality.

7. Inspect DPM and barcode reading on part.

8. Wind shield inspection.

Various Barcode Inspection

Cameras read and stores data of various codes on surfaces

1. Inspects 1D/2D/DMP codes easily.

2. Inspects codes at high speed.

3. Inspects codes which have bad texture background, Reflective , Poorly marked, Small cells ,Badly printed, Extreme perspectives, scratched , Wrapped , Plastic wrapped.

4. It reads what it sees easily and at high speed.

5. It can read in omni directional.

6. Read, verify and store data.

7. Read (DPM) 2-D codes.

8. Read and Track 1D and 2D codes and verify print quality to industry standards.

Batch Code Inspection

It is a process where cameras works continuously to inspect if there is any kind of smerging , absence, missing characters in the batch code.

1. Read or verify date/lot codes and SKUs.

2. Verify character legibility and proper printed operations.

3. The correct alignment of texts and find flaws in text appearance.

4. Verify batch code reading Inspection.

5. Inspect if any missing text.

6. Inspect with accuracy and precision.

7. Reads and verifies each SKU individually at high speed

Bottle Crack-Defect Inspection

It is a process where camera can detect damages present on the bottle , changes in shape , to avoid leakage.

1. Inspect if there is damage to the lid of the bottle.

2. Inspect if there is change in the shape of bottle.

3. Inspect if cracks or damages are present.

4. Inspect if there no damages present on the cap.

5. Inspect if there is leakage.

6. Inspect if product isn’t of the required standards.

7. Thread is present or not.

Crack Inspection

Inspect if there are any damages present on the product.

1. Inspect if the product has any sort of damages on it.

2. Inspect if the product has the right shape and size.

3. Inspect if the product contains any damage particles into them.

4. Inspect if shape of products are as per standards.

5. Inspect if the pattern on the product is proper.

6. Inspect if cracks are present to the shape of the product.

Product Artwork Inspection

It is a process where cameras inspect and verify if the product artwork is proper or label is present / absent.

1. Detect if the matter printed is according to the standard.

2. Detect if there is any variations of printed matter.

3. Detect if the Brand Logo is placed properly .

4. Match the contains with the product .

5. Works on product change .

6. Inspects at high speed with rejection .

Foreign Particle Inspection

Inspect, verify and detect if products have any sort contamination, solid particles, and impurities .

1. Detect if unwanted particles .

2. Detect any sort of impurities in microns.

3. Detect particle which are not visible by naked eyes.

4. Detect if there is mixture of materials.

5. Detect particles at the surface/bottom.

Bottle Cap Inspection

It is a process where cameras can inspect color , shape ,size, Presence/absence of cap .

1. Inspect and locate if cap is placed properly on the bottle.

2. Inspect if cap is present or absent.

3. Detect if proper cap is placed according to the product depending on the color.

4. Inspect if there no damages present on the cap.

5. Inspect if the cap is titled or unscrewed.

NFD – No Fill Detection

Detect the presence/absence of substances in a SKUs, bottles, Vial.etc.

1. Cameras detects the level of liquid content inside a carrier .

2. Detect if liquid filled in the bottle is according to specified volume.

3. Detect if there is liquid spill outside the bottle.

4. Detect if liquid filled or absent

5. Detect and stores records of the data.

6. Maintains the standard norms of the company.

Colour Shade Inspection

Inspect ,verify and detect shades of colour ,captures images and records for the same.

1. Inspect if object is as per the shade.

2. Inspect if object have proper texture.

3. Inspect if object has any sort of changes in patterns or contrast.

4. Inspect and detect colour with rejection.

5. Detect shade and provide printing.

6. Detect if wrong substance is getting filled.

7. Detect barcodes and match with colour

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