Color Inspection- is a process where we use smart cameras to detect at high speed,high resolution the products by their individual color and match verify them with the product if there is a line of color red going on and mistakenly blue bottle comes in between our camera will detect and reject this.Also these cameras have the capability to store data if required for records.

Color inspection can detect products and verify them with the reference of colors feed into the smart cameras. It can also be used to detect color and print its name on the labels online.

You can have separation of products based on the color of the products.

Color Inspection

1. Identify, Inspect, Sort and Verify products based on color attributes

2. Match products based on their color.

OCV-Optical Character Visualization

It is a process where the camera Captures, Reads and Verifies products at high speed and high resolution the detected images is stored into the memory of the camera.

The camera captures and verifies images minutely and individually.

If the image captured by the camera is not as per the requirements of the clients or there is absence of label or text then the same can be detected and also rejected by these cameras

These systems is very accurate and fast which would completely reduce your errors of Label, Text presence/absence.

These cameras work on high speed online lines.





OCR- Optical character recognition

it is a process where the cameras works at high speed and high resolution to detect alphanumeric characters from the label for examples Batch num, Exp, Mfg, or other characters printed online on the art work.

The camera reads and verifies each alphanumeric character minutely and individually.

If there is a slightest absence of a single dot in the printing the camera has the capability to detect the same and also rejected it. But this tolerance can be set as per the customer’s needs and requirements.

This systems is a very accurate and fast which would completely reduce your errors of misreads, Handle process variations and provides easy font management for online printing and doesn’t let any of your SKUs escape with proper printing matter.

Text reading Inspection

1. Read or Verify date/lot codes and SKUs.

2. Verify character legibility and proper printed operations.

Parts Measurement

These camera inspect parts and assemblies of parts online. It has the capability to indentify locations of parts for robotic handling, tolerate changes in rotation, scale and lighting variations.

With these cameras you could inspect parts on a assembly line without any manual intervention and guide robotic arms to pick and place objects to desired destination.

These parts can also be measured and processed if they are the desired quality as per the requirements.

If the measurements of these parts are not as per requirements the camera can provide the conveyor with a signal to stop immediately .

These cameras can detect these parts in omni directional if required

Packing Inspection

These cameras inspect if there is any damage being done to the product externally.

If there is any change in the shape of the product.

If the products are not as per the standard requirements.

If there are signs of damage of any kind like cracks or pin holes these minute difference can be inspected by these cameras.

This systems not only assures you with accurate and precise readings but also decreases the chances of outsourcing low standard and defected products into the market and which wont hamper any of your production.

Inspect any leakages or spills which would effect the brand image of the company.

Presence Check

Once the cameras are being placed and has to inspect a part it has been located to. If this part happens to be missing or located in a wrong direction then our cameras can detect these defects and reject these parts from the line.

The cameras which inspects these parts are highly accurate and quick to respond to the presence/absence of any part.

This cameras will help to you to reject products if they don’t have label, text, object.

Inspect if the object is place at the right place.


Pattern Inspection

Cameras inspect a pattern of text or object.

Inspects the area which the camera has been focused to.

If there is any error or change in the text then this can be rejected.

Detect if text has changes or if the print isn’t proper then it could be rejected.

These cameras can sense if the right pattern is present/absent.

If there are damages to the artwork.

If the label damaged in proper condition.

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