Barcoding System

Barcoding system consist of  infrastructure, either wired or wireless that connects number of mobile computers, handheld scanners, and printers to one or many databases that store and analyze the data collected by the system. At some level there must be some software to manage the system. The software may be as simple as code that manages the connection between the hardware and the database or as complex as an ERP, MRP, or some other inventory management software.

Bar coding has transformed value chain management over the last twenty years, and the ability to capture data automatically at every significant point in the value chain enables faster and more efficient management. We are moving closer to the point when all the trading organizations in any value chain can begin to work together as one linked enterprise, with the scanning of products providing a flow of information that informs all other actions.

The accuracy of bar codes remains fundamentally important because when a bar code fails to scan it adds cost to the trading process. At best data has to be keyed in manually, and at worst customers may reject a complete consignment of goods, resulting in lost sales and possible financial penalties. It has been estimated that the cost of poor bar code quality in the UK is somewhere between £500 million and £1 billion pounds per year, and this booklet explains clearly how to achieve accurate bar codes that will scan the first time, every time.

Sundaram Technologies follows almost all the global barcode symbology standards in its software applications and services to meet the packaging requirements.

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