DRONE Smart Eye v100

The use of drones in warehouses has been increasing over the past years. Large warehouses are aiming to increase efficiency by investing more in automation and robotics. This is not without precedence since the cost of warehousing operations account for 30% of the total costs in logistics . Sundaram Technologies have UAV Drone base hardware and software solutions for customize warehouse operations.

  • Drone for Multipurpose Indoor Drone Applications
  • Best for controlled Indoor environment
  • Light Weight UAV Technology
  • Programable Functions
  • Capable to integrate with existing WMS/ERP/Inventory Solutions
  • Covers 10,000 mtr area in single flight operation
  • Less Hazardous Task
  • Autonomous Stock Audit Operations
  • Re-programable drone functions
  • Crash Safety Grill Available
  • Weight :
    <4 kg

    Endurance :
    30 min

    Range :
    1 KM

    Engine :
    Electric, brushless motor

    Control :
    Control via waypoints

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